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The Academic Paediatrics Association (GBI) is a relatively new association, committed to the promotion of Academic Paediatrics and Child Health, open to all levels of clinical and non-clinical academic staff, and those with NHS appointments, who are actively involved in research related to paediatrics and child health in the UK and Eire. The aims of the Association are to promote excellence in research relevant to child health and to support the teaching of paediatrics by:

  • Engaging in advocacy for the discipline of academic paediatrics
  • Developing a strategy for recruitment and retention of academic paediatricians
  • Mentoring academic trainees and providing career advice
  • Supporting and developing academic training and training opportunities
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information
  • Contributing to the maintenance of undergraduate and postgraduate academic standards by providing academic advice to educational, professional and regulatory bodies
  • Acting as a nominating body for Clinical Excellence and Distinction Awards

President: Professor Neena Modi

Secretary: Professor Howard Clark

Treasurer: Professor Richard Grundy

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  • Access to the United Kingdom's representative body for Academic Paediatric Practice
  • Updated information on conferences, policies and documents relevant to Paediatric academia
  • A discussion forum protected just for APA members
  • The latest training and assessment information
  • Join developing research and regional networks
  • Membership costs £40 per year post CCT and £20 per year pre CCT. Please click the button below and you will be asked to input some basic details. You will then be able to download a direct debit form. Please return this lower portion of the form to your bank and the upper part to the address indicated (this enables APA to have a hard copy of your membership details). Once this form is received full access to the site will be granted.

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